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Frame My TV

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Framed TV Mirror

Our TV mirror technology allows your resting TV to be hidden behind reflective glass. Turn on the TV and the mirror becomes clear as the TV light emits through the glass with astonishing clarity.

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Decor Meets Technology

With our advanced beam splitter tv mirrors, when the TV is off the black surface of your TV serves as the backing to this innovative mirror TV glass. Then turn ON the TV and the mirror becomes clear, as the light from your TV emits through the glass with astonishing clarity.

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TV Mirror Glass Options For Any Room In Your House

Any of our below glass types can be used in any room. See for yourself, test our glass before you buy.

Order TV Mirror Samples

OptiClear Ultra tv mirror,
hide tv behind mirror, tv in bedroom, contemporary tv frame

OptiClear Ultra

Unsurpassed in clarity and reflectivity for a perfect balance of TV versus hidden TV concealment.

OptiClear TV mirror, hide a TV behind mirror, tv over dresser


This mirror glass is our lowest reflectivity TV Mirror, but is sometimes preferred because of its clarity.

Reflections Vanity TV mirror, tv behind bathroom mirror, electric mirror, tv in a mirror


The perfect complement for a hidden television behind your vanity mirror when you need a fully vanishing TV.

Lux TV mirror


This is our economy line of glass offering the highest reflectivity but the darkest impact on the TV's screen.


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Hundreds of High Quality TV Frame Options

  • Standard
  • Artisan
  • Hardwood
  • Metro
  • Floating
standard TV frame

Standard TV Frame Collection

Select from hundreds of styles made in the U.S., Italy and beyond to perfectly suit a variety of traditional and contemporary decors. Each style is made of solid with with a series of resin and embossed surfaces topped by the finest finishes raising the bar for what defines “Standard.”

Price: $-$$

TV Frames - TV Mirror

artisan TV frame

Artisan TV Frame Collection

The Artisan collection make up our finest collection of museum quality framed tv mirrors. Each hand crafted 22k Gold finished corner frame is a work of art by our artisan frame makers using old world techniques from hundreds of years ago to give us the same beauty. Inspired from around the globe you can choose from American, Italian, Dutch, French and more.

Price: $$$$

Gold TV Frame

hardwood TV frame

Premium Hardwood Collection

Hand crafted by our skilled woodworkers, this collection has seven profiles available in thirty standard finishes and custom finishes as needed to match your existing millwork and surrounding furniture. Each piece is expertly crafted from a solid piece of premium hardwood and completed as a finished corner frame.

Price: $$ - $$$

Hardwood TV Frames

metro TV frame

Metro TV Frame Collection

This sleek and contemporary line of slim frame profiles is perfectly suited for urban metropolitan spaces. Choose from over 40 different finishes in this aluminum profile for a thin border around the perimeter of your TV mirror.

Price: $

Metro TV Mirror

frameless TV frame

Floating TV Mirrors

With our floating TV Mirrors, less is definitely more. What at first looks like just a floating piece of TV mirror glass on the wall, instantly transforms into a TV with the press of a button. Despite it’s simplistic appearances, this collection has a full custom welded aluminum structure behind it for easy installation.

Price: $

Most Trusted in TV Concealment

See what our clients around the world have to say about our incredible customer service.

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TV Mirror Side Views

We offer different frame side depths for each type of frame. Learn more about frame depths and wall mounting distances here.

Standard and Artisan photo

Standard & Artisan

Available in a standard 1.5" or 3" universal black painted side.

Premium Hardwood photo

Premium Hardwood

Depths vary, up to 3.5" deep and stained to match the face.

Metro Photo


Available in a standard 1.5" or 3" universal black painted side.

Frameless photo


Available in a standard 1.5" or 3" universal black painted side.

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Will Our Frame Fit Your Wall?

Custom made frames to fit any size TV

42 inch screen
Measurement Type
Frame Type

Estimated price with standard collection:
Starting at custom made for any TV.

If you need more precise measurements, start designing your frame with our easy to use configurator to calculate exact dimensions and price.

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Common Questions

  • Easy Installation
  • TV Visibility
  • TV Sound

How easy is installation?

All of our TV mirror solutions are designed to be easily installed regardless of if your TV is mounted on the wall or recessed in the wall. We have a variety of installation methods to accommodate TV's on flat mount, tilt mounts and even articulating swing arm mounts.

Find detailed instructions here

Does a TV mirror affect my TV image?

It�s true, anytime you place a piece of glass in front of your TV, there will be an impact on the TV�s picture. It�s simply not possible to have zero impact. The level of this impact is directly affected by the level of lighting in the room, the room layout, and the time of day for TV viewing. In some settings, it may make sense to consider a TV art cover instead of a TV mirror.

We always recommend ordering some TV mirror Samples so you can make the best determination of which solution is best for your space.

Learn more about TV Mirror lighting effects here

How will my sound be affected?

For TV�s mounted on the surface of the wall, there would be little effect on the TV�s sound because there would be some space between the back of the frame and the wall to allow the TV to escape and bounce out into the room. For recessed TV�s though the sound would not have a way to escape so you might want to consider external speakers such as a surround sound system or a speaker bar.

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Design Your Mirror Frame Today

Our online configurator tool makes the design and payment process smooth and secure. Your custom TV frame is made in the USA and then shipped to you to install.

Beyond Just TV Mirrors

Are you worried about ambient glare on a mirror in a bright room? See our Art Frame option, featuring retracting artwork of any kind that hides your TV when down.