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Three Methods to Watch Streaming Internet Video on Your TV

Streaming internet video services, such as Netflix and HBOGo, have changed the way many people watch television shows. Binge-watching of entire seasons of shows has become the norm, and many are watching shows on their laptop screens rather than their TV screens. However, there are plenty of ways for people who want the big-screen TV experience to get it with streaming video services—a list of ways to do so follows:

How to Make Your TV Room an Entertaining Room and a Family Room

Modern homes vary widely in size, from tiny studio apartments to giant mansions. While every house needs bathrooms and bedrooms, the presence of some rooms may be negotiable. It’s great to have a room to do your laundry, closets and basements for storage, a garage for your car, a kitchen to cook in, and many others.

From Frames to Drop-Downs; Various Ways to Hide TVs

The television set is as essential a piece of home furniture today as any. As is the case with any home fixing, creative minds have found many ways to make them look at home in their surroundings. There are numerous approaches to making your TV set fit in. The next time you are decorating a new room or home, bear in mind some of the following TV ideas:

TVs and Sports Bar Design

For determined entrepreneurs, a sports bar can be a great way to cash in on hard work. When big games are going on, sports bars advertise themselves—there’s no need to plan fancy events when such big games as the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and the World Series are planned for you! At the most basic level, only two things are truly necessary for a sports bar to function—drinks and TV sets. For the more ambitious business operator, there are plenty of tricks to success, though.

Reflections from a Restaurant Design Legend

High quality of food is only one of the trademarks of the world’s finest restaurants. The presentation of great food has to be matched by great design, great employees, and a complete dining experience that will command top dollar from customers.

What to Do with a Giant TV? Decorating Ideas

For some homeowners, a massive television set presents a decorating problem. It can seem difficult to make it fit in with its surroundings, clumsy, or simply too large to blend in. However, for decorators keen to take up a challenge, giant TV sets present an opportunity. There are a large variety of ways to incorporate them into a room—the trick is to pick the right fit for your needs and tastes!

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift; TV Frame for Man Cave

In recent years, family home décor hasn’t just been about kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. There is a breed of room that is gaining traction and widespread recognition as a valuable part of some homes. We speak of the “man cave,” also known as a “manspace” or “male sanctuary.” Usually made from a spare bedroom, basement, den, or bonus room, a man cave is recognized an allotted space in a home in which the house’s man or men can do as they please. Tufts University’s Paula Aymer called these spaces “the last bastion of masculinity.”

Google, Apple Prepare to Enter Smart TV Set Market

Dispelling fears that the TV set market may be on the decline, major tech players Google and Apple are both expected to release their own TV models in the coming months. Google’s aims are especially ambitious, as their previous foray into television, Google TV, is widely viewed as a flop.

Mirror Myths and Legends

They hang on doors, jut out from the sides of cars, cover entire walls and even serve as entertainment when collected together around the surface of a lighted sphere.

And, properly framed and mounted, mirrors can also nicely conceal your flat screen television, lending any room a clever designer touch during those times when you’d prefer not to watch a favorite program or event.

The Era of Ultra High Definition Television

Current 4K UHD TVs are four times higher-definition than the typical high-definition TV set, and they will only get more powerful as the technology improves. For the first time, a prominent UHD model, produced by Samsung, is available to American customers for under $1000. Sure, $999 is a hefty price tag, but the hype over 4K UHD is growing and the latest big thing in TV will be a tempting buy in the coming months.

Art on the Rise

Art—whether of the performing, fine or plastic variety – is always on the brink of extinction.

“If we don’t cultivate a new audience, if we don’t find a way to replace our older subscribers once they’re no longer here, this (insert troubled arts institution here) will cease to exist as we know it.”

TV sales surging before World Cup, perfect time for a frame

The world’s most highly anticipated sporting event is on the horizon, and that is great news for makers and sellers of television sets. The 2014 FIFA World Cup begins next month, and, given that over one billion people watched all or part of the most recent 2010 World Cup Final, the world is sure to tune in.

Color Coding; The Future of TV News?

Competition from online news services has evidently gotten so intense that TV stations have resorted to attempts that look to beat the Internet at its own game.


The Latest in TV Technology, Trendy or Timeless?

While keeping a modern home is important, most of us have neither the time nor the patience (let alone money) to redesign our home with every shift of the trends.  Rather than regularly rearranging your home or business to fit every fad, it makes more sense to opt for a more timeless design that will last.  This seems easy, but sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish fleeting trends from instant classics, and this is true whether you’re dealing with home furnishings or home entertainment.

Cut the Cord, Conceal the TV

To the dismay of many cable providers, people are tending to watch less TV these days.  This mostly means that people aren’t bothering to tune in during prime time anymore, especially when there are so many other ways to get their hands on the latest movies and the newest episodes of their favorite shows.

Small Space? No Big Deal!

Cute, compact, efficient, cozy - if any of these are words that could be used to describe your living space, then you might also be familiar with concepts like cluttered, constricted, cramped, and crowded.  Whether this describes one room in your house or applies to the entire interior of your home, you could very well be at your wit’s end trying to make things fit!  Luckily, making the most of a small space doesn’t have to be a puzzle when you keep a few basic rules in mind.

Homepolish Offers Affordable Apt. Design Options

Starting salaries don’t often lend themselves to extravagant lifestyles, and the first years working a new job are often spent living in tight spaces and on tight budgets.  As young professionals enter the workforce, their central focus is often on their career more than it is on having a family and a house in the suburbs.  But just because budgets are limited doesn’t mean that the same is true of their demand for affordable interior design options.  

article Has a New Look, Take a Gander!

Spring is a time of new beginnings - and this May, after working long and hard on our website design reboot, finally has a new look!  With easy browsing functions and intuitive navigation at the forefront of the new site, shopping for the perfect TV concealment solution from FrameMyTV is now easier than ever before.  Whether you are already a loyal customer, or if you are new to the world of TV framing, have a look around our new and improved online catalog!


Find FmTV in the Hi-Tech Home Showroom

In today’s modern world, there aren’t many tasks that can’t be completed online.  As we’ve seen with valuable online interior design communities at Houzz and Pinterest, and with the recent launch of new home design sites like Milkster, browsing interior design ideas and shopping for home furnishings can be a successful online venture these days as well.  

New Interior Design Oasis Launched

When you are trying to create a unique look within your home, buying mass produced furniture and fixtures can feel a little tacky, (that’s why you love Frame My TV - every product is custom made for you, right here in the USA!).  Luckily, is a brand new site that lets you shop for hand-crafted made-to-order homegoods straight from the designer!

The Modern Lavatory Movement

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, can I watch TV while answering nature’s call?  If your mirror doesn’t deliver upon this modest request, then you have yet to bring your lavatory up to 21st century standards!  Most of our activities today are plugged in or digitized one way or another, and now the time you spend in your bathroom doesn’t have to be any different.

Make Your TV A Masterpiece With Photowall

If you’ve already adorned your TV with a stylish frame, now all you need is the right image to occupy the screen when you’re not watching the tube.  We are certainly not strangers to the idea that an idle television should be treated as a work of art, but now thanks to the latest technology from Google, you get to be the artist.  

Television Webcam Technology by YouAreTV

Flat screens commonly serve a wide range of everyday purposes beyond just displays for your television.  Colorado State University uses LCD screens as dynamic menu board displays in their dining halls (they look great framed!); Sharp Electronics has developed a 60” high brightness display with TV Reflections Mirror technology that has revolutionized how consumers shop.  

The "Soap Opera Effect" in HD

With the rapid pace of television technology advancement, it’s hard to stay on top of the latest visual effects and features hitting the market these days.  Part of the fun of bringing home that new television is hooking it up to your cable box, bluray player, and other devices to see just how clear that new HD image looks.

Out of Sight, Within Earshot

Since it is seldom that TVs exist in a vacuum, a properly hidden television must also be accompanied by hidden TV accessories.  FrameMyTV has a range of solutions for dressing up and disguising TVs - frames, fine art covers, mirrors - and to fully conceal your entertainment system, we have some ideas for creative solutions when it comes to hiding cable boxes and wires.  But what about those pesky speakers?

Got a Great Design Idea? Pin It!

At FrameMyTV, we are committed to making your design project a success.  As a part of our contribution to the home design community, we’ve been sharing our customers’ TV concealment ideas on Pinterest, pinning pictures of successful installs and design options.  

OLED; The Future of Flat Screens

By now, we’ve all heard of LED, LCD, and plasma screens, the primary choices available when shopping for a television or monitor.  But the latest advancement on the flat screen market is an even more impressive piece of TV engineering: the OLED screen.

Fight the Cold; Cozy Up with Your TV

If you haven’t already noticed, thanks to a skittish groundhog, we’re now in for yet another long leg of winter.  It has already been a brutal season of polar vortices and record snowfall for many unlucky regions of the US, and it might be some time before we see a thaw…

New Home Decor Website Launched

Designing and decorating a home takes both a sense of style and frugality. Sometimes, the biggest changes in a room’s personality come from the smallest of details of decor.  No one understands this artistic truth more than Evelyn Deal.

Edgar Allan Poe; Interior Design Mogul

Known for such thrillers as The Raven and The Tell-tale Heart, you might not have guessed that troubled soul Edgar Allan Poe was also a self-proclaimed expert on 19th century interior design.