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For Hotels, Men are Harder to Please

When it comes to the range of different things that men and women care about, the tired stereotypes usually stem from real trends and tendencies.  Though reports on matters of gender often feel like old news, a recent look at how the different tastes compare between men and women might actually shock you.

LED vs. LCD - What's the Difference?

For the technological layperson, shopping for a new TV these days can be a daunting task.  While all the possibilities for customization are enticing on the one hand, they can also make choosing the right television feel like a life altering decision.  

Thank You, Houzz!

As the leading manufacturer of television concealment products, it is no secret that FrameMyTV is dedicated to home design.  From our home in Haverhill, MA, we work hard to tastefully hide TVs all over the world, blending them in with home decor for an unbeatable fusion of form and function.

Thinking Outside the Box with your LCD Screen

TV’s come in a wide range of sizes, from 15” to 150” and every size in between.  At FrameMyTV, we believe that no TV is too big or too small to be framed!

Super TVs for Super Bowl XLVIII

Television lovers unite!  Super Bowl XLVIII is upon us.  The ultimate experience in American entertainment, the Super Bowl has a little something for everyone to enjoy.  

Tasteful Bathroom TVs with TV Mirrors

Now that the holidays are long over, it’s time to start the new year by getting back to the old grind.  Your daily schedule is more than tight - between work, appointments, afternoon meetings, and picking up the kids - there are hardly enough hours in the day to stay on top of everything, let alone catch the morning news or stay current with your favorite TV show!

TV Frames Make Compact Home Decor Possible

City living has a lot to offer - but extra space is often not one of those things.  In compact living situations, making the most of every inch of space truly is the name of the game.  

HI Connect Tradeshow 2014

It’s that time of year again, and we can hardly wait for this year’s 3rd annual HI Connect Tradeshow!

Hidden Hotel TVs Get Noticed

When checking in to a room at a five-star resort, a hotel guest will be noticing everything, soaking in every single detail of their room. For that very reason, hotel management takes extreme pride and care in preparing everything from artfully folded towels to tasteful bed trimmings.

Out of sight, out of mind

We all love tuning in to your television for a little down time, but there are some times when we wish it wasn’t there to distract us.  When it comes to your TV, that familiar saying is as true as it is old - out of sight out of mind!

New Year, New TV Frame

You’ve spent the last month of 2013 jotting down all of the things you wanted to do much differently in 2014 and you promised yourself you won’t let these resolutions slip through the cracks—nope not this time. You are sticking to each and every last one of your goals.


Let’s Make a Deal; Flint A/V Dealer Spotlight

We are ramping up the new year with our second dealer spotlight! There’s just no better way to show your appreciation for your business relationship with other companies than by showcasing what they do on your very own blog. We are all about acknowledging quality service and we always give credit where credit is due.

Give Back; FrameMyTV Supports the New England Hospitality Network

FrameMyTV has been a core supporter of NEWH, The Hospitality Industry Network for a year and we are very humbled and appreciative to be a part of this organization. It truly wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing board.


A New Year Brings A New Dealer Spotlight

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a marvelous time with your loved ones during this holiday season—we sure did. The new year is all about fresh beginnings—out with the old and in with the new right? So we thought what better way to have a fresh beginning than with fresh new content!


What Are Your Favorite TV’s?

Everyone has their preference when it comes to the types of products they purchase. Many have a go-to style or brand of clothing, car, or cosmetic line that they absolutely cannot live without. But what about when it comes to your television selection?


Why TV Framing and Picture Framing Are Not One and The Same

When TV framing comes to mind, many people may think it is synonymous with picture framing—and we don’t blame them. It’s natural to understand the concept of framing as being the same across the board no matter what object is actually being framed.


Where Did Framing Originate?

Everything has a starting point that tells the story of how it came to be. As you probably are aware, framing techniques didn’t begin with TV’s. It started with paintings. In fact, according to Wikipedia, “one of the earliest frames was a discovery made in an Egyptian tomb dating back to the 2nd century A.D.” That’s a really long time ago! The portrait that was discovered within this wooden frame was a mummy portrait.


What’s On Your TV This Holiday Season?

You’ve got your TV concealment finished right in time for the holiday season—not to mention it goes perfectly with the red and green holiday decorations throughout the living room—a perfect touch, hooray!


The #1 Reason Why Now is The Perfect Time to Frame Your TV

TV watching is declining—fast. Don’t believe us? According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Tim Goodman, “Ratings continue to be down, and there’s an unsettling inability to reverse the trend. Each season the bar that measures how many millions of viewers in the 18-49 demo constitutes a “hit” gets lowered.”


TV Framing 2.0; Put a Jacket on Your Bracket

So you’ve got your new fancy television mounted on the wall, but as soon as you finish admiring your purchase, you walk past the TV only to catch the unsightly wall bracket and wires in your peripheral view—oh no!


Our Framing Solutions Take Commercial Renovations to the Next Level

Restaurants are getting more innovative each day. From the architecture to the interior design—standing out among competitors is a must. So how exactly can restaurateurs make sure their dining establishments offer top-notch service and food in addition to a visually appealing atmosphere?


Surface Mounting vs. Recessed TV’s

During our time in the TV framing business, we’ve noticed when it comes to deciding between surface mounting and recessing a TV, the decision is mixed. In this post, we will discuss some pros and cons for each choice to help anyone who may be facing this decision in the near future.


Digital Art DVD’s; The Moving TV Concealer

A little diversity is needed every now and then. Doing the same thing everyday can get a little boring if you ask us. When it comes to concealing your TV with artwork, even looking at the same piece of art everyday may be a dulling experience for some people.


Customized Art Solutions for your TV Concealing Enjoyment

Want to give your TV concealing experience that personal touch with artwork from your most cherished possession?  We want you too as well! At Frame My TV, we offer many solutions for you to incorporate your personal photos to give you, your family and even your friends a cozy feeling when you are siting around the fire this winter sipping eggnog and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. This sounds quite lovely if we may say so ourselves.


TV Framing Solutions for Restaurateurs

TV framing does not only happen in the home, it can happen anywhere else there are TVs—including restaurants! Have you or any of your friends ever had a fancy celebration dinner in a reserved room in a restaurant? Ever noticed the elegant artwork on the walls in that banquet room? That could have very well been a TV concealed with a piece of artwork my friend.


Beautiful Beginnings; How FrameMyTV Began Working with Eli Wilner

As many of you are aware, FrameMyTV has various styles of TV frames. You are also probably aware that we are able to provide art aficionados and antique enthusiasts with a truly extraordinary approach to flat panel television concealment with our Wilner Collection. This collection consists of magnificent 17th to 20th century American and European antique frames.  What many of you may not know about is how our partnership began with the genius himself, Eli Wilner—and we want to share the exciting and inspiring story with you.


Tis the Season of Giving; Show Off Your TV Frame and Win Some Big Money!

Just bought a TV frame that you can’t stop showing off to your friends and family? Well, we want you to show off your TV frame with us and other customers as well! According to the title of our post, showing off is something we love and reward people for around here.


Conceal Your Speakers with Our AcoustiMat

If you have a TV with visible speakers in the front, this post is especially for you! If you don't have front facing speakers--we encourage you to enjoy this post also. It may very well apply to you sometime in the near future. You can't say we didn't warn you.


TV in Disguise; Fine Art Vs. Custom Art

TV framing is not all about frames. It's also about concealment. Concealing your TV with artwork is one of the many options that we offer at FrameMyTV. One of the challenging questions that many of you may face is: How do I decide if I should go with the fine art selection that FrameMyTV offers or a customized piece of art?


Reclaiming Your Sanctuary

How many times do you walk into your inner-sanctuary and think just that?  There’re clothes lying about, food wrappers here and there, and of course that huge TV taking up so much space.  Sometimes it just doesn’t feel as though your bedroom is your bedroom at all!