Custom Art Researching

Custom Art Researching


Regular price $ 250.00

Custom Art Researching Service 

This a Non-Refundable Deposit for Frame My TV to research art and attempt to obtain a licensing agreement with the artist or their agents on behalf of our end client. 

The Process: 

  1. We locate and initiate contact with the artist on your behalf to see if the artist is willing to license their works
  2. We will negotiate royalty rights with the artist 
  3. We will notify you of the royalty amount for you to accept or decline
  4. If you accept the offer, we will prepare the final frame design with the agreed upon royalty for you to complete the purchase and this $250 deposit will be applied toward your design as a credit. 
  5. Once you place the order for your frame, we will pay and execute the necessary licensing contract with the artist and obtain the high resolution file of the artwork.

If we are unable to secure a license:

This deposit amount becomes refundable.  

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