Dry Contact Sensor

Dry Contact Sensor


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The dry contact sensor is the best way to integrate your TV Art Cover with a control system such as Crestron, Control 4, URC, RTI, Savant or any other professional grade control system.  This accessory contains a radio frequency transmitter to send a proprietary RTS signal to the motor in the TV Art Cover to raise and lower the art. The RTS signal is triggered using relays on a control system. 

All you will need are two available contact closure relays (Normally Open) on your control system. One relay is used to apply a momentary contact between the White-Green wires for an UP command while a second relay is used to apply a momentary contact between the Black-Green wires for an UP command. Optionally, with a third relay you could also send a stop command. 


NOTE: This accessory can only be used with our standard RTS motors. It CAN NOT be used with any hardwired versions of our TV Art Cover motors as those versions of the motor do not have an RF receiver built in. 


View this article to learn how to pair a remote with your system. 



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