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Universal Remote Interface


Control your TV art cover easily from a universal remote or other home automation components with the Universal Remote Interface.  

Capabilities for Controlling Art: 

  • Directly learn IR commands to raise OR lower the art from any button on a universal remote. 
  • Connect a 12V trigger input to raise OR lower the art.
  • Connect an external IR distribution box as an input to raise OR lower the art.
  • Device has manual UP, DOWN, STOP buttons for the art

NOTE: This device is designed to be used with our Dry Contact Artwork Motor. To use with a previously manufactured TV Art Cover OR with our default RF controlled RTS Motor, you would need to purchase a separate Dry Contact Sensor to connect to the RJ-45 output on the Interface Block.

What's Included:

  • (1) IR receiver
  • (2) Dual Infrared Emitters
  • (1) Velcro Strip

What is a 12V trigger?

A 12V trigger is a common interface used in some home theaters to send simple signals between components.  Generally, a 12V trigger output will be high when a component is on, or low when it is off, although some more advanced components have programmable outputs (for instance, an amplifier might send a high output when its source is set to "TV").  Our Universal Remote Interface can be used to "trigger" the artwork to raise when it receives a high signal, and lower when it receives a low signal.

Besides outputs on advanced AV components, there are also may third party sensors available with 12V trigger outputs.  These can be used to send a high signal whenever an audio or video signal is present on an input, for instance.  The most common sensor used with our Universal Remote Interface is a current sensor on the power cord of the TV, which can detect when the TV is on by sensing its current draw.  This can be used to automatically raise the artwork whenever the TV is on and lower it when off.

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