Custom Art for your TV Frame

Yes, You can use custom art! 

Use my Custom Art to hide tvFrame My TV is proud of our ability to produce top quality custom giclee prints on canvas from your artwork. Each giclee is carefully produced on the finest canvas and is specifically designed to be repeatedly rolled up and down for daily us. The giclee is then clear coated with a sprayed protective coating for long term durability. Custom artwork can be provided to us in a variety of manners. In most cases, the artwork would need to ultimately be converted into a digital file format for use to be able to build it into your Fine Art TV Cover. You would also need to provide a signed copyright release on file to be able to legally reproduce this copyrighted property. Generally, this is a transaction conducted privately between you and the copyright holder. If you have difficulty obtaining a release, please let us know and we will attempt to negotiate with the copyright holder on your behalf. 


Custom Artwork Resolution Requirements

Custom artwork should be in an uncompressed digital file format of TIFF preferably and should be at a minimum resolution of 180 dpi at the final print size but ideally 300 dpi or higher if available. However, we do not recommend simply up-sizing an existing file. If you are unsure, simply upload the highest resolution image you have and let us know what the screen of the TV you plan to conceal is and we can review the file to let you know if it will be sufficient. Additional acceptable file types are JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, TIFF, and EPS.

Approximate Artwork Print Sizes: 

Diagonal Screen Size Height Width
32" 19" 31"
40" 23" 38"
43" 25" 41"
46" 26" 43"
49" 27" 46"
50" 28" 47"
52" 30" 50"
55" 31" 52"
60" 34" 57"
65" 36" 61"
70" 39" 65"
75" 41" 70"
80" 44" 74"
85" 46" 79"
90" 49" 83"
110" 58" 100"


Types of Custom Art

  • Custom Artwork UploadExisting Digital Artwork - Choose from one of the various online providers of high resolution digital artwork and upload the digital file directly through our Artwork Upload Portal. 
  • Third Party Art Suppliers- The following are a few online providers that we have worked with before. If you don't find art in our catalog, you might try checking out these providers and we can work with them to obtain the art for you.  Please note royalty fees may apply for using art from third party suppliers.
  • Family Portrait - A family portrait can be used as long as we have it in a digital format that is very high resolution. Pictures taken by a consumer camera or a cell phone would not be a high enough resolution to make a quality canvas reprint. Generally the quality of image we are looking for is taken with a professional grade camera or is a high resolution scan of a film negative. You can upload the digital file directly through our Artwork Upload Portal. 
  • Original Artwork - If you have an existing original canvas painting, it would need to be digitally captured OR scanned and converted into a large digital file to then be recreated on canvas by FrameMyTV's lab. 
  • Commissioned Artwork - there are two ways you can commission a piece of custom art for use in our Fine Art Frames.
    • Work with our Staff Artist: Our Staff artist Karen Sperling can paint a custom work of art for you. Learn More 
    • Have your artist Paint & Capture: Have the artwork painted then digitally captured or scanned into a digital file format for us to reproduce onto our specialty canvas. 

Digital Conversion Services

Customer Supplied: In most metro areas you will be able to easily find a provider to convert your art into a digital file. They will either capture it in a controlled studio environment with a high resolution digital camera and professional lighting, or a large format scanner can be used. We find that the studio camera captured approach tends to produce more realistic results because the shadows and textures are more preserved and not filled with light as with a scanner. 

Frame My TV Lab: You can send your original art or negatives to our lab to have them digitally converted and we will then return the original art directly to you. We do not suggest this approach if the value of the painting is considered high. When submitting the art, you will need to declare the value of the original art. FrameMyTV limits liability of the artwork while in our possession to a maximum of $1,000. Valuation proof required for any claims. Artwork in transit will be insured for $1,000. Client assumes responsibility for obtaining shipping insurance on the inbound artwork.    Fee for this service is $250 and includes return shipping of the artwork to you. 

Submitting Your Digital Artwork 

The easiest method for submitting your art is to upload the digital file directly through our Artwork Upload Portal. We can accept up to a 20 GB file. 


Mail your file on a DVD or USB Storage Drive to: 

Frame My TV

Attn: Order # ___________ 

419 River St., Floor 5

Haverhill, MA 01832

Test Strips

When custom artwork is submitted we will initially analyze the file to ensure the quality and resolution of the file is adequate to produce a quality canvas print. If there is any concern about the quality of the file we may  suggest that we produce a test strip for you to review and verify the quality of the resulting canvas is to your liking. A test strip is a strip of the actual canvas printed at the full final print width x 6" tall. This will give you an idea of color accuracy as well as quality to identify any potential pixellation. 

The first test strip is provided at no charge once a Fine Art TV Cover has been ordered. Additional test strips can be purchased. Learn More

Copyright Protection: 

To legally reproduce your artwork onto canvas, we must have a signed copyright release waiver by the copyright holder on file or we cannot make a copy, even if you have the digital file. Also to protect any artists you are working with, they can simply specify on the release how many copies we are approved to make. This release is considered a two way contract between us and the copyright holder so that we cannot  make unauthorized reproductions from the digital file that has been entrusted to us.

  • Typically original artwork and commissioned artwork does not require a release from the artist, but rather a signed release by the owner of the art is sufficient assuming this is not being used for resell purposes.
  • Family portraits or anything taken by a professional photographer would always require a signed release by the photographer.
  • Digital artwork purchased online can often be reproduced for personal use, but you would need to refer to the terms and conditions of that art provider to be sure. 
  • Printed posters cannot generally be reproduced legally without consent of the copyright holder, even if you purchased the poster. 

FAQ's On Custom Art

Q: Why can't we just put my existing canvas art original over the TV and roll it up? 

A: Unfortunately, we cannot generally use an existing canvas painting because there are special borders and additional canvas that need to surround the painting in up to 10-12" additional so we can apply the artwork to the roller. Also, many originals are painted with acrylics and other mediums that are not designed to be rolled and unrolled repeatedly. Such actions can result in crackling of the paint and/or telegraphing the texture through the canvas such that after it has been rolled up then unrolled you may see a vertical line of the texture in the surface of the canvas. 

Q: How many megabytes should my file size be? 

A: It's not just a matter of megabytes, it's more a matter of resolution at the final print size and also can depend largely on the subject matter. Ideally we would expect a file that is a minimum of 180 dpi at the final print size. However, this cannot just be accomplished by simply upsizing the low resolution file into a larger resolution with photo editing software. All this would be doing is multiplying pixelated appearance to make it larger. Your best bet is to just submit the highest resolution file you have and we can compare it to the size TV you want to frame and let you know if the file would be sufficient. 

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