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Simply give us the make and model of your TV, make your Frame and Art Selections, setup a quick call with us to finalize the details regarding what install method is best for your scenario and what sizing considerations will fit your space. From there everything is made in Massachusetts and shipped directly to your door in about 6 weeks (sooner if necessary). 

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Choose from thousands of pieces of licensed art in our private collection from artists around the world spanning many genres and subject matters. Use our Quote Builder to create a custom quote

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Provide us with a high resolution digital file of a family portrait or a piece of art from your private collection and we can convert it into a giclee piece of art built into your frame. 

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Or Commissioned Art

Let our staff artist, Karen Sperling, create a masterpiece just for you. Through a consultative process and decades of experience in this area let Karen bring your vision to reality. 

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Browse answers to many of the most commonly asked questions. 

The normal lead time for a Framed TV Mirror is 4 weeks during normal season. Expedited options are available if needed. All products are fully made and shipped from the Boston area.

TV Mirror Glass Only for DIY applications typically ships within 3-5 business days. We would be happy to chat with you more about this

All of our TV mirror glass types can accommodate up to a 75" diagonal screen size TV. 80" TV's can also be accommodated, but there may be limitations to which glass types are available for TV's larger than 75".

Contact us for additional details on larger sized TVs.

No, a TV Mirror will not "distort" your TV's picture and your TV will still have an HDTV image. However, anytime a piece of glass is place in front of a TV, there will be an impact on the TV's picture. This will vary based on the rooms layout and lighting conditions. To learn more about this topic, checkout this article...

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