Additional TV Art Gearbox
Additional TV Art Gearbox
Additional TV Art Gearbox
Additional TV Art Gearbox

Additional TV Art Gearbox

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Additional Artwork gearboxes are a great addition for when you want to occasionally swap out your artwork at your leisure. 

What's included: 

(1) Custom Welded Aluminum Gearbox
(1) Ultra Silent Motor
(1) Canvas Art with pre-attached weight bar

NOTE: Any royalties which need to be paid to an artist are not included in the price for this item and would be paid separately. Contact us to discuss.  

Remote Pairing

If ordered at the same time as your TV Art Cover, this additional gearbox will be pre-programmed to work with the same remote that comes with your frame. If ordered at a later time, you can easily program it to your existing remote. 


Discount Offer

If ordered at the same time as your TV Art Cover, there is a 20% discount. Contact us for details on this order. This offer is not available if additional gearbox is purchased after the initial TV art cover is manufactured. 



Gearboxes are ONLY compatible with TV Art Covers fully manufactured by Frame My TV. We will need to locate the design and plans for your original frame using your original order number. On the lower right side of your black metal subframe you'll find a sticker with your order number on it.  The format would be either  2xxxxx OR 32xxxx. (See photo above for example of what to look for)



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