Frame My TV Gift Voucher
Frame My TV Gift Voucher
Frame My TV Gift Voucher
Frame My TV Gift Voucher
Frame My TV Gift Voucher
Frame My TV Gift Voucher
Frame My TV Gift Voucher
Frame My TV Gift Voucher

Frame My TV Gift Voucher


Regular price $ 1,000.00

$299 until Cyber Monday, 11/26
(Discount applied during checkout)

Purchase a $1,000 Voucher for $299!

This is a rare opportunity to secure a severely discounted voucher at 70% OFF of the face value of the voucher to use towards your final purchase of a TV Art Cover or TV Mirror within 90 days.

In a nutshell, you are purchasing a Gift Certificate for $700 off the face value.

BONUS: You'll also receive a $50 credit that can be used to order samples of TV mirrors, art samples, and frame samples. 

A great part about this offer is you don't need to decide on all the details such as frame style, art selection, tv model prior to purchasing the voucher. You can just purchase the voucher and decide on the remaining details later when you're ready to order your TV Mirror or TV Art Cover. This way you can enjoy the holiday weekend and take care of the details of your frame later. 

🎁 🎁 Makes a great gift for family members who are hard to shop for. Simply let them choose their options when they're ready. 🎄 

FAQ: How much is a Framed TV Mirror or a TV Art cover? 

For ballpark pricing and sizing, checkout our Quick Pricing Estimator

As a general rule of thumb, the regular retail price on a Framed TV Mirror for a 50" TV would start around $1,800 while a TV Art Cover would start around $3,800 and would vary based upon the options you select using our Quote Builder Tool (best viewed on desktop).   


  • via USPS Mail - A physical $1,000 Voucher you can fill in with the recipient's name if you are giving this as a gift 🎁
  • via USPS Mail - A Designer's Inspiration Guidebook - a 100 page coffee table style flip book with examples of our work submitted by clients around the world.
  • via email - A digital copy of the voucher code to be redeemed during checkout when you make your frame purchase. 

    You can purchase this $1,000 voucher for $299, giving you 90 days to work with our experts to complete your purchase of a TV Art Cover or TV Mirror. Simply put, think of it like purchasing a Groupon style voucher to redeem when you are ready. 

    PLEASE NOTE: This offer is NOT for a full frame for the price of the voucher, but rather you are purchasing a $1,000 credit to be used toward your planned future purchase

    • Voucher must be redeemed within 90 days of voucher purchase. Vouchers are non-refundable. 
    • Vouchers not redeemed within 90 days will revert to their original discounted purchase amount of $299 and will expire entirely if not redeemed within 12 months. 
    • Vouchers are transferrable, making them a great gift for others. 
    • Limit 1 per household
    • Cannot be combined without any other discounted pricing offer and must be used online at 
    • Item must be a minimum of $1,500 retail product value for a $1,000 voucher.
    • Multiple vouchers cannot be combined on a single purchase.
    • Only applicable towards future purchases.