J Channel - Glass Track


The J Shaped Glass mounting track is ideal for bathroom vanity mirrors when you just need a simple way to install a Mirror Glass or a TV Mirror Glass above a bathroom vanity. 

How to Install It: 

Using an upper and lower J Channel, the glass slides up and into the top J channel and then drops into the lower channel. We HIGHLY recommend also getting our Suction Cup Glass Handles to make the install process easier. 

When ordering TV Mirror glass using the J channel mounting method, you'll need to allow 1/2" off the overall height of the glass to allow for the J track. 

Which thickness do I need? 

  • 1/4" Thick - For Mirror Glass Only as shown in the additional images here. 
  • 3/8" Thick - For Mirror Glass + a Rigid PVC Backing as shown in the additional images. 

How Does Pricing Work?

J Channel track is priced by the inch.  Just enter how many inches of J Track you need. The price shown is for an Upper & Lower track combination. Then in the cart you'll see a comments box where you can add additional special instructions if you need a fraction of an inch.       

For Example:  If you need 45.75",  you would just add a quantity of 46 of this item to your cart (46" x $2.50 = $115) then in the cart comments area just indicate that you need the channels cut to 45.75".    

How Do I get the TV Mirror Glass?

Using our interactive Quote Builder you can order your TV Mirror glass (with or without PVC Backing. If ordering glass, you'll see the J Channel as an optional add-on which can be ordered in the same step.