Lifetime Warranty on TV Art

Full coverage for life on the entire assembly, motor, and shipping for warranty items. PLUS Protection to ensure future TV compatibility PLUS Accidental Damage coverage PLUS ...

You can upgrade the warranty on your TV Art from the standard 2 yr to Lifetime for which you own the art.   

What's covered:

  • If your TV needs replaced, we will ensure the replacement TV will be compatible **
  • Repair / replacement of failures or defects with the frame
  • Repair / replacement of defects or problems with the art
  • Full coverage on the motor drive system
  • Round trip ground shipping for warranty items
  • Accidental damage coverage 

We cannot be responsible for errors with the original order information provided or omitted information. Labor is not included. Frame My TV reserves the right to review and approve/deny reimbursement requests. All reimbursement requests should be in writing and be accompanied by a receipt. This warranty is not transferable to new owners of the system and is only honored for the original purchaser.

** If TV needs replaced, we will work with you to find a suitable replacement that's the same size or similar and will provide replacement parts if necessary to work with the new TV. If TV manufacturers no long make a similar enough TV that your frame will fit, then we will remake the entire frame for the next closest sized TV.

NOTE: Warranty is non-transferrable.