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TV Size 65-in. diagonal screen size
Model number to be provided at a later time.
Note: TV specified and supplied by client.
Frame Style M5097 $1,367.00
Artwork ART-5032: Beacon of Hope by Thomas Kinkade $320.00
Art Cover Motorized Subframe $3,870.00
Liner Color Black $185.00
TV Control IR-2
Art Control Motorized - Remote Control
Side Depth 3-inch Universal
Speaker Bar Accomodation None
Installation Method
Ready to ship in 42 to 49 days - Standard

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Frame Samples

CLICK HERE to browse all frame collections and to order samples. 

TV Art Samples

Curious about the quality of how our art will look?  You're not along! Get a genuine sample on canvas to see for yourself and to feel the texture. 

TV Mirror Samples

CLICK HERE to view available TV Mirror Samples and to determine which type is best for your space.

Ordering TV Mirror Samples is highly suggested so you can see how a TV mirror will look with the lighting in your space. 

Who Installs?

All of our solutions are designed to be easily self installed by an end consumer. If you're not at all handy and need some professional help, any TV installer or handyman who could install a TV on the wall would have no problem installing your frame. Most clients tell us that installing the TV on the wall is much more difficult than installing the frame. 

Do I Need to Send My TV to You?

Not at all! Just give us the make and model of your TV and we do the rest. Everything is custom made for your TV. Everything will arrive fully assembled and ready to slip over the TV using one of of our convenient install methods below. 

Installation Guides

We offer a variety of installation methods for every sort of application. You can view all install methods with short videos for each one here in our Knowledge Base 

Not sure which install method is best for you? Schedule a Consultation with us! or call 978-912-7200

Most Common Install Method

If you are using a swing arm wall mount, tilt type of wall mount where the frame needs to move to follow the TV as it moves, or you TV is going on a stone wall, then you'll want our Bracket Adapter Plate Install method TV Art Cover Version     |     TV Mirror & TV Frame Version

What's the Side View Like? 

Side views will vary based on if your TV is mounted on the surface of the wall or recessed in the wall and which of our frame collections you select. 

Side Views for TV Art Covers    |   Side Views for TV Mirrors

Normal Production Time

  • TV Art Covers - Approximately 6 weeks

  • Framed TV Mirrors - Approximately 4 weeks

  • TV Frames - Approximately 4 weeks

  • TV Mirror Glass - 3-5 business days (unless special services like back painting are needed, which is a 1-2 week normal production time)

NOTE: Production times DO NOT include transit times from the Boston area to your destination. Yes, it's true that expedited shipping options are offered by shipping carriers, but do keep in mind that most of our shipments are palletized freight shipments and therefore the mere few days you might gain from expediting shipping is generally not worth the extreme costs of flying a palletized shipment.

Expedited Production Options

We offer a few different levels of expedited production based on how soon you need your merchandise.

  • Guaranteed - Ensures that your shipment will leave in exactly the above normal production time rather than an "approximate" production time which can fluctuate by roughly a week. Rate for this service: 3% additional

  • Partial Rush - Reduces the normal production time by 25%. Rate for this service: 7% additional

  • Standard Rush - MOST COMMON - Reduces the normal production time by 50%. Rate for this service: 7% additional

  • Priority Rush - Reduces the normal production time by 75%. Rate for this service: 50% additional

NOTE: Expediting options are subject to availability based on our current production volumes. Some rush options may be unavailable, contact us at 978-912-7200 orSchedule a Time to discuss your deadline and for availability of rush services. Also keep in mind that expedited service is NOT the delivery date, but rather is the date the merchandise ships from our factory. Shipping transit times may vary depending on your destination and time of year.

General Sizing Guidelines

If you need approximate dimensions for your initial space planning needs, give our Budgeting & Space Planning Guide a try. This tool will provide you with approximate overall frame sizes and suggested recessed sizes if you plan to recess your TV in the wall.

Exact Final Sizing

Since every product we make is completely custom made-to-order right here North of Boston, we need to manually prepare all of the details for each and every frame based on all the optoins selected and your specific TV model. We will be able to provide you with the exact final dimensions of your frame roughly 3-5 business days after your order is placed. CAD drawings are prepared for some configuration types. 

For more detailed information give us a call at 978-912-7200 or Schedule a Consultation