My Design

My Design


Regular price $ 6,623.00

TV Size OLED65B7P 65-in. diag
Note: TV specified and supplied by client.
Frame Style M5127 $1,618.00
Artwork ART-7071: Captive Moment by Jill Kirstein $500.00
Art Cover Motorized Subframe $3,870.00
Liner Color Sand $185.00
TV Control IR-2
Art Control Motorized - Remote Control
Side Depth 3-inch Universal
Speaker Bar Accomodation Model: not purchased yet
Mounted: below
Gap: 0 in.
NOTE: Speaker bar specified and supplied by client.
Installation Method TV is fully recessed inside the wall
TV is on a flat wall mount (customer supplied)
TV is mounted to a stud wall
Mounted with L-Bracket (Recessed)
Warranty Basic - 2 yr Warranty
Ready to ship in 42 to 49 days - Standard

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