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Frame My TV

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TV Art Covers
Motorized Art TV CoverVutec Visonart Media Decor Hidden Television

Discover how to conceal your TV behind a canvas painting that raises with the press of a button. 

TV Mirrors

Disguise any TV behind a vanishing TV Mirror.

Vanity Mirror TV

Embed a TV into your bathroom vanity mirror and watch it vanish when not in use.

Frame My TV

TV Mirror

Hide your TV screen behind our specially designed beam-splitting reflective glass. Turn your TV off and it is beautifully concealed by mirrored glass; turn your TV on and the glass reveals the crystal clear image on the screen behind it. Custom frame options are available, or go frameless and opt for a bathroom TV mirror. Click here to learn more. 

Fine Art TV Covers

Turn off the TV and turn it into a work of art! Our motorized canvas fine art covers will instantly transform your television into a framed painting when not in use. When you’re ready to watch. TV again, easily reveal the screen with just the touch of a button. Choose from our wide selection of artwork, or create your own from one of your favorites images. Click here to learn more. 

Custom TV Frames

Dress up your television with a designer TV frame. Each is custom made to fit any TV and complement the style of any room. Use our online design tool to choose from hundreds of tailor made styles and finishes to create your perfect frame. We even offer a line of hand-crafted Artisan Frames for premium television framing. Click here to learn more.