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Use any TV you would like ... Just select your frame style & art or TV mirror design selections. From there everything is custom made-to-order and shipped to you ready to simply slip onto your TV. No need to ship your TV to us, we just need the model number. 

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TV Mirror

Conceal your TV as a decorative TV mirror when not in use. When the TV turns ON, the TV Mirror instantly becomes clear for optimum TV viewing. Every solution is custom made-to-order for your TV. 

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TV Art Cover

Hide your TV behind a canvas painting that rolls up into the top of the frame with the press of a button. Choose from millions of options for art, custom art, or even have us custom commission a piece of art for your space. 

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TV Mirror Glass

TV Mirror Glass can be purchased cut-to-size for your DIY projects and custom applications for hiding a TV behind a mirror in a bathroom vanity and other types of spaces. Just give us the dimensions, and we do the rest. 

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TV Art Cover - 225000 HICONECT2014 TV Art Cover - 224010 TV Art Cover - 222250 TV Art  Cover - 223773

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