Smart Room Sensor (SRS-1) - Only for 2017-2020 TVs

SRS Device is NOT compatible nor applicable for 2021 Samsung Frame TVs. You'll want the SRS-2 for compatibility with ALL model years. 

The Smart Room Sensor is a repeater device designed to integrate with the Motion & Light Sensor built into the bottom of Samsung The Frame TVs to preserve the functionality of the TV's native features when a Deco TV Frame is added to the TV.  The SRS module communicates with the TV to tell the TV when motion is detected in the room and how to adjust the TV brightness based on the ambient light levels in the room without the need to manually override the TV's features through the settings menus. 

This accessory is only compatible with second-generation Deco TV Frames on a 43” or larger Samsung Frame TV. You can identify if your frame is compatible by looking for a fluorescent orange arrow label on the back of the frame.  If your frame DOES NOT have this label, then you'll need a frame upgrade kit from us. You'll need to return the lower side of the frame to us and we'll modify the piece and return it with the motion sensor pre-installed. Contact us for details. 

CLICK HERE to view the full instructions and other great tips about how this device functions. 

NOTE: This item is NOT designed to be used independent of a Deco TV Frame and will not enhance the native functionality of the Motion & Light Sensor that is a Standard feature of Samsung Frame TVs.