Smart Room Sensor - v2.0 (SRS-2)

Compatible with ALL model years of Samsung Frame TVs. 

The Smart Room Sensor is a repeater device designed to integrate with the Motion & Light Sensor built into Samsung The Frame TVs to preserve the functionality of the TV's native features when a Deco TV Frame is added to the TV.  

The SRS-2 is a substantial upgrade over the first generation of this device. The SRS-2 plugs directly into the One Connect box so it does not need to be attached to the frame at all and does not require an extra cord running down the wall since it sits near the One Connect Box. With a direct wired connection to the One Connect box it can communicate directly with the TV to tell the TV when motion is detected in the room and how to adjust the TV brightness based on the ambient light levels in the room without the need to manually override the TV's features through the settings menus. 

Feature Highlights: 

  • Directly plugs into One Connect Box via Samsung X-Link port
  • Motion Detector - Sense motion in the room to wake the TV from standby when motion is detected
  • IR Repeater - Detects Infrared (IR) signals from all types of remotes including universal remotes and sends IR signal directly into a wired X-Link port on the One Connect box for no loss like with conventional IR repeaters and IR emitters. 
  • Ambient Brightness Detector - Adjust the brightness of the screen in art mode based on the rooms lighting conditions to make the art look more realistic in both dim and brightly lit rooms. 
  • WiFi upgradable firmware 
  • Web based app for adjusting advanced settings 


NOTE: There are two additional stereo mini ports on the back of the device for future development based on user feedback. These jacks will provide advanced users such as home automation experts the ability to act as a pass through X-Link device when additional X-Link support is needed and to allow an external IR Receiver input from an IR target. These port will NOT be active as part of the initial product launch but are planned future firmware upgrades.