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Let our professional artist, Karen Sperling, create a masterpiece from scratch just for you!

Commissioning Service

Karen Sperling ArtistSend us a photo or something that you would like to have us convert into a painting and our accomplished and world renowned artist, Karen Sperling, will turn a simple image into a masterpiece. Shown here is an example of a painting Karen painted for us and the source photo that was provided by our client -- it was their favorite vacation destination and Karen transformed it into a work of art using colors that fit the client's room decor.

The Process

We make the process for turning a photo into a painting for your Fine Art TV Cover as straightforward as possible. Once you submit your photo, we go over your thoughts about how you envision the final painting and we also make suggestions based on traditional art theories for the painting's design. Karen then proceeds to paint the painting, from sketch to completed work, showing you steps along the way for your input and guidance so that the final result is a painting that you will love to display as your room's Fine Art TV Cover centerpiece.

Here you can see the interim steps, from sketch to final painting, that the client saw as the painting progressed.
We can provide any style of painting to fit any decor and color scheme, from classic to Impressionistic to photorealistic and pop art, depicting a variety of subjects ranging from bridal, individual, family and pet portraiture to landscapes, still life, abstracts and more.


Your Fine Art TV Cover is original artwork painted by hand brushstroke by brushstroke directly on the computer using Corel Painter software and a Wacom stylus and tablet. 

Using these state-of-the-art, cutting-edge art-creation tools, Karen can paint a painting for your Fine Art TV Cover using just about any photo for reference, just as long as the photo is clear and you have permission from the copyright owner if you didn't snap it yourself. And the source photos can be from the past or present. We can go over photos with you to decide which would be good candidates to be turned into a custom painting for your Fine Art TV Cover. 


Pricing for this service can vary depending on complexity. Generally speaking the price for art commissioning service will vary from $1,999 - $3,999 depending on the subject matter. Contact us to learn more about this exciting approach to covering your TV like you've never imagined. 

What's Included

  • Initial consultation with artist, Karen Sperling to discuss the project overall, your preferences, and color schemes
  • Preliminary Black and White sketch for your review to agree on the general composition of the image
  • General color pallet version of the preliminary sketch
  • Detailed painting for final approval or final round of revisions if necessary
  • (1) Test Strip   upon request.  (2 week lead time)
  • 1 license for use of the image with your TV art cover. 

The artist, Karen Sperling, is the creator and ultimate copyright holder of the image and therefore retains the right to use this image at her discretion and/or to resell the image in the future. Exclusive rights for the image can be purchased at an additional rate. Please inquire if you would prefer exclusive rights to the image. 

All drafts of the image will be provided at a high resolution with a discrete watermark. 

About the Artist

Our artist Karen Sperling is the original Corel Painter expert--she wrote the first several manuals when the software debuted over 20 years ago--and she has been a leading Painter expert ever since, from publishing books and teaching classes about her process and techniques to painting commissioned artwork and fine art, which has been exhibited in New York and during Art Basel Miami Beach and is held in private art collections internationally. 

See more of Karen's incredible work at

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