Our Wilner Collection of TV frames is part of a special collaboration between Frame My TV and the most well known frame maker in the world. For our clients who have an original Rembrant or similar in their private art collection and would prefer their television to be adorned by an equally well appointed frame, this is the solution to bring technology into your luxury decor. 

Eli Wilner is a master at his craft and is the preferred frame provider for The White House, Sotheby's and Christies Auction house. His work can also be found in many exhibits at The Met. One of his most incredible works is a 3,000 lb frame measuring 21' x 18' to frame the famous painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware. 


Eli Wilner TV Frames


How Much is a Wilner Frame

The Wilner collection is all custom quoted, but the frames in this collection will start around $20,000. 

What sizes are Wilner Frames Available In?

All Wilner frames are hand carved and custom made to any size you would like. 

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