Important Notes for the following saved designs. 


The artwork for most areas were selections from our art catalog as shown. For the areas where custom art was selected, the custom art files can be uploaded here

Fabric Liner

For all of the frames, I selected a black fabric liner to go around the inner perimeter. This article explains more about - What a liner is.  


Here's an overview of all the installation methods we offer. I have configured these with our L Brackets install method and you'll see a link to more information within each detailed set of line items. If you decide to change to a swing arm style wall mount, then we'll just need to switch the install method to the Bracket Adapter Plate method . In all cases, we highly recommend having the TV's mounted parallel to the wall and not tilted. 

Production Time

The production time for these will be about 6-8 weeks and will ship from the Boston area.