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Premium Frames for Samsung The Frame

Premium Frames for Samsung The Frame TV

FrameMyTV has provided custom television frames to clients in each of the fifty states and around the world. Our décor solutions can be found in homes, commercial settings, luxury restaurants and five star hotels. From the very simple to the most elegant, our high quality frames are customizable to your specific needs.

As the popularity of the Samsung The Frame TV has grown, we realized that we could offer our décor solutions with premium frame options that are very similar to the customized and personalized options we do for our clients. 

Our Premium Frames for Samsung the Frame TV 

Please select from the options we have on our website to purchase a premium frame for your Samsung the Frame TV. 

Whether you work with us directly or through one of our 400+ authorized resellers you will receive the unprecedented attention and service that our long time customers and partners rave about.

Our Story

Most innovations begin as simple ideas in the minds of problem solvers. This one, was actually the result of a mistake. Upon purchasing his first home, Kevin Hancock, decided to go about wall hanging his new flat screen TV when he made a simple calculation error to determine the ideal height of the outlet to go by behind the TV. The result was the outlet was still partially visible above the TV!

In his quest to solve the problem, he entered his garage in 2002 to construct a simple frame for his television to hide the outlet. He emerged with a solution. What he later realized based on repeated accolades from the guests to his home is this frame had already become a working prototype as the centerpiece of what is now a successful international business. Realizing that nothing unleashes the full potential of ideas like collaboration between like minded entrepreneurs, Kevin eventually handpicked a team of experienced designers and cabinet makers to build on his prototype. The result was a quality custom television framing solution that subtly compliments the decor of any room.

It would later become far more than a simple frame to conceal a TV, but rather a piece of motorized canvas artwork or even a TV mirror.