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Operation Build - I'm Coming Home

The Story of Brandon: Kevin Hancock, the founder of Frame My TV joins Alexi to create a special surprise Man Cave with technology, nostalgia and Brandon’s favorite dream celebrity of all time.

Can a curved TV be framed?

With all the changes in TV's on the market, people occasionally ask if a curved TV can be framed. Here we can dive into this topic a bit deeper. 

Luxury Living

When you live in a high rise penthouse only the best will do. Come with us as we take a look at a 22K hand gilded frame featuring.... 

The Ultimate Home Bar

A key essential for entertaining in any luxury home is a fully stocked bar where all your friends can gather. However, just having...


Thanks for visiting us at BDNY 2014!

Frame My TV Makes quite a splash at BDNY 2014 showcasing a variety of products for the hospitality and high end residential markets. 

Portraits of Justice Installation Features OptiClear TV Mirror Glass

When you think of, you probably think of a quality, at-home TV viewing experience. However, we do much more, including specialty applications and commercial installations. For example, one of our latest projects is the Portraits of Justice permanent installation by Alfredo Jaar, which will be on display at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.

TV Mirrors and Your Living Room Yoga Studio

Fitness is an essential part of healthy living. When it comes to workouts that can help both the mind and the body, few are as effective as yoga. However, many of us lead busy lives. We can’t carve out times to go to yoga classes at the gym. In many cases, that’s not an extra expense we’d like to take on. There is a solution to the problem though: Your TV. More and more people are using their living rooms, not just as places to gather friends and family, but also as their home gyms. With custom frames from, including framed TV mirrors, your living room can transition seamlessly between your personal gym and a traditional gathering area.

Despite a Decrease in Viewership, TV Remains the Dominant Screen in the Home

According to the latest Nielsen report, first and second quarter data show television consumption decreasing for every demographic except people 65 and older. This might lead one to believe the doom and gloom theories, saying TV is dying as watching media on computers and smartphones becomes more popular. However, the Nielsen study revealed something else. TV is still the most dominant screen in the household. In fact, the living room screen is still the most popular medium for watching content. Judging by these revelations, purchasing a custom frame to maximize the living room viewing experience is as good an investment as ever.

Toshiba Shows Off the Future of Smart TV at CES 2014

TV technology is evolving rapidly. Attendees of the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 got to see this first hand. According to an article by Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times, one of the most impressive prototypes from CES 2014 was a Toshiba Smart TV that doubles as a bathroom mirror. Toshiba’s prototype greets you when you come into the bathroom, as well as displays alerts, weather, and other pertinent information. Many people have already got to experience’s bathroom vanity mirror frames. Now imagine walking into the bathroom and finally being able to quip, “Mirror, mirror on the wall.”

How to Make Sure You Don’t Get Sued for Showing Cable TV at Your Bar

You’ve spent countless hours preparing to open your bar, a life long dream ready to come true. You know your customers love sports so you’ve set up several TVs and purchased the perfect custom frames to make an aesthetically pleasing experience for your patrons. Before you open your doors, there’s one more thing you should consider. Do you have the proper license or commercial account from your cable or satellite provider? If not, you could be in for a debilitating lawsuit.

Pay TV Could Mean the End of “Cord-Nevers”

According to an article in Slate, titled, “Cable TV is Dying, and College Kids are Killing It,” TV subscriptions were on pace to decline for the first time in 2013. Writer Will Oremus credits this phenomenon to the “cord-nevers;” young people who’ve never paid for cable or satellite and don’t intend to. That’s not to say that these people don’t spend a lot of time in front of the screen. Instead of watching traditional TV, this demographic uses their TVs or, more likely, their computers to watch Netflix and online streaming content.

Wynn Resorts to Build New Resort in the Greater Boston Area

As reported by the Boston Globe, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission voted to approve awarding the Greater Boston Area’s only casino license to our esteemed client, Wynn Resorts, on Tuesday. We’re pleased to hear Wynn is moving into the neighborhood. Now, the people of the Greater Boston Area won’t have to go far to treat themselves to a 5 Star resort getaway. Customers staying at the Wynn may also expect a stunning TV experience, courtesy of

Suggestions for Putting a TV in Your Kitchen

Do you have a TV in your kitchen? Is it sitting awkwardly on a shelf, taking attention away from the decorations around it? Do you have an older TV box in the kitchen, taking up unnecessary space? Or maybe you’re just contemplating putting a TV in your kitchen. With a custom frame from, you can solve all of your aesthetic concerns. But first, you have to decide where you’re going to put your TV.

The Intellectual Argument for Bathroom TVs

When we think of televisions in the bathroom, we often think of luxury. We think of convenient entertainment. For example, we picture bathroom mirror TVs, allowing us to watch our favorite shows without spilling toothpaste on the carpet or combing hairs out onto our furniture. What are lost in these conversations are the practical—even revolutionary—possibilities of the modern bathroom.

Where is Bar Rescue When You Need It?

One of the more compelling and, more importantly, educational programs on television today is Bar Rescue. The Spike network program features Jon Taffer, a long-time food and beverage industry consultant, providing his professional expertise to reform bars that are on the verge of closing. It often contains a flare for the dramatic—most notably, Taffer screaming at owners and workers for poor service, filthy work environment conditions, and poor marketing decisions in general. However, he also gives his clients insider tips and tricks of the trade to make their business successful. According to an interview he did with Business Insider, the show has a 90 percent success rate.

Major “Don’ts” of Home Decorating

Home decorating is an intricate art—to those who have never tried it, its difficulty may not be readily apparent. However, the list of unwritten rules extends into the hundreds, with some otherwise logical arrangements of furniture and accessories appearing disorderly and unappealing to the eyes of most observers. It is high time that some of the rules were written down—here are some major “don’ts” of home decorating:

Top Accessories for Your HDTV

High-definition television sets can be large financial investments. However, for those of us who view the upgrade in TV and movie viewing quality as a worthy cause, they can be the center of the perfect living room or bonus room! There are numerous highly useful accessories available for large HDTV sets. Frame My TV’s frames, mirrors, and works of art can make excellent accessories to incorporate a TV into the design of a room, but there are also some common electronic accessories that can expand the usefulness of an HDTV set. Here is a rundown of some popular add-ons:

TV’s Evolution in the Modern World

The television set has gradually intertwined itself with American culture, to the extent that what was once thought an extravagant entertainment device has become a universal fixture in United States homes. In recent entries, this blog has tracked the TV’s rise to common usage in households—here’s a further look at how TV has evolved to keep its edge over other up-and-coming electronic devices:

World Cup Draws Record Turnout from American TV Viewers

Though it is by far and away the world’s most popular sport, soccer has not caught on in America in the same way it has in Europe, Latin America, and much of Asia. Evidence of the sport’s lower importance in the United States can be seen in what Americans choose to call it—its more common English name, football, is already claimed by another sport in the US! Many have claimed that soccer is steadily catching up to football, basketball, and baseball in popularity in the United States, and they need look no further than the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final’s TV ratings for evidence. Germany’s victory over Argentina drew over 26 million viewers, setting an American record viewership for any soccer match.

Television’s Evolution Through the Ages

The television set underwent a radical transformation during the course of the 20th century, and has continued evolving drastically in the beginnings of the 21st century. Though flat-screen and high-definition TV sets are the norm today, modern viewers are somewhat spoiled by the selection of TV models available and the ease with which higher-end models can be acquired! Here is a retrospective look back at TV’s progress throughout the past century or so:

The TV Set in the Modern World; A Brief History

Over the past century, the television set has become a staple of the American household. In that same time, the TV has evolved steadily, mirroring the state of each era’s culture and technology. In a previous blog post, we covered what may be called the prehistoric days of television history—the times of three-inch screens, the infancy of TV channels, and more! Now, let’s take a look at how television sets progressed from a trendy entertainment gadget to a mainstay in homes everywhere by the 1980s:

The Man Cave Revisited; Things You’ll Need for Your Modern Bonus Room

New phrases and concepts are constantly being developed over the course of human history. In recent decades, one of the more striking new buzzwords in home design has been “man cave.”  The name evokes a prehistoric refuge, and though the man cave may indeed serve that role today, modern man caves are far from prehistoric, often featuring high-end technology and elaborate design. We all know that a man cave typically has a TV set and comfy seating accommodations, but the reader may wonder what other features such a room normally has. Wonder no more, here’s the list:

How to Decorate Around a Flat-Screen TV

There are numerous approaches to decorating a room with a giant flat-screen TV in it. To some, the task is a difficult to one; to some creative minds, it poses an opportunity to rise to an interior decorating challenge! Indeed, large TV sets can be pleasing to the eye in many settings, and the trick is sometimes in making the TV blend in with its surroundings. But there are plenty of ways available to get the job done—here is a look at a few:

Outdoor TV Design Ideas

Years ago, when receiving a decent TV picture sometimes meant carrying the bulky console box out to the front porch or the back yard and pointing the metal antennas this way and that until everything came into focus, the idea of watching a favorite program under the stars seemed at once novel and necessary.

Why Go Big When You Can Super-Size?

The massive popularity of the 2014 World Cup is perhaps best exemplified by the number of huge – make that enormous – television screens that have been set up in public gathering places all over the globe.

Back to the Videoconferencing Future?

People of a certain generation – not to mention their offspring, forced to watch recorded episodes – have little difficulty remembering the futuristic world depicted in the cartoon series, “The Jetsons.”

Is Fully Interactive TV the Future?

Probably not, says Elan Lee, the creative director of Xbox Entertainment, who told an Xbox-focused blog that while games and television shows will likely cross paths over the Xbox, they’ll never quite merge into a seamless whole.

TV Framing…Over the Mantle?

With the average American household said to contain an average of four televisions – many of them of the flatscreen variety – some have called for banning television sets from certain rooms of the house. Why, the thinking goes, should families sacrifice bonding time during dinner or in the living room, simply because a television is present and needs to be turned on?

HD Vs. 4K TV

4K Ultra HD TVs (sometimes referred to simply as UHDs) can provide 400% more detail than a 1080p Full HD screen – which translates to 8 million pixels instead of just 2 million pixels. As with previous pixel increases, 4K has the potential to provide an image that’s more detailed and that also possesses the smooth qualities of a beautiful photograph.

Inventive Homemade TV Cables

There are many different ways to get your television set hooked up and ready to watch. Some methods are conventional—like paying professionals to install an antenna, or paying for a cable box. Other methods are more experimental, and lend themselves well to the workings of the creative, do-it-yourself mind. With that in mind, it’s time to discuss some methods of making a homemade TV antenna. They may not get quite as consistent a signal as a conventional antenna, but they sure are fun! Here are some of our favorite ways to make do-it-yourself antennae: