TV Mirror's are an excellent way to conceal a TV, but we're the first to say the TV mirror is not always the best solution for every space. Therefore, we highly encourage ordering TV mirror samples to review prior to your purchase to ensure you are getting the right type for your space. 

   Entertainment Mirrors

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Areas where the primary purpose is optimal TV viewing such as in a living room or bedroom type of space.  Areas where the primary purpose is high mirror reflectivity such as in a bathroom vanity where the mirror is used for makeup and shaving. 

OptiClear Ultra   

Reflections Vanity   

Our 2nd generation entertainment TV mirror giving a 40% more reflectivity than it's predecessor. Enjoy a better mirror when the TV without a greater effect on the TV's picture. 

Available Sizes:
60"x72"   $123/sq. ft.  

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    By far our most popular mirror for bathroom vanities and large walls of mirror like a home gym where you need a high reflectivity mirror & fully vanishing effect for the TV behind the glass. 

    Available Sizes:
    60"x72"   $85/sq. ft.    |    88"x71"   $106.25/sq. ft.   

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      Our original design TV mirror ideal for many common applications as an Entertainment TV Mirror

      Available Sizes:
      60"x72"   $101/sq. ft.    |   72"x100"   $126.25/sq. ft.   

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        Our economy grade of TV mirror. Slight color shifting may be noticed, but at a much lower price point for more budget sensitive applications. 

        Available Sizes:
        60"x60"   $64/sq. ft.   |   72"x100"   $82.50/sq. ft.   

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        ***  Sample Orders 
        receive a COUPON for the amount of your samples to be used towards your final purchase (Maximum $50 OFF)

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